FlyMiPPG has Distribution Agreements with All of the Top Manufacturers of PPG Equipment and Accessories. Don't see what your looking for? Let us know. We have developed strong working relationships with the Best PPG Schools in the Country allowing us to source both New and Used Student Gear.  Purchasing PPG Equipment can be a overwhelming nightmare if you don't spend the time educating yourself. 
Things to consider. #1 Is You. Your Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Condition. This will narrow your
Equipment Choices down. 
#2 Who should you buy from? A few things to consider.  *Where are they located, 
*What type of Equipment do they offer and why did they choose to carry the brand?
*Do they offer a variety of Motors and Wings?   
*Do they ask you alot of questions about the type of flying you aspire to do? 
*What's the Availablity on Parts and Service?
#3 The Paramotor Community on Social Media is Challenging, Misleading and Controversial don't rely on it for accurate information. Go meet the community in person by attending a Fly-in, Search For Local Pilots, Meet them at their local LZ's, Ask about the pros/cons of their gear purchase. 
#4 Set a Realistic Budget and once you've found the right Dealer let them know what it is. Most Dealers receive a standard commission for the sale of a wing or motor and are under Contract to sell at the manufacturer set rate, or risk losing your Dealership. 
#5 Fly Before You Buy. On average a top brand New Paramotor & Wing will cost you $11,000. I paid for my gear before Training. As a matter of fact, my Paramotor & Wing were the first ones I had ever seen or touched up close. I was committed, are you? It's Hardwork to Become a Safe & Proficient PPG Pilot and it's not for everyone. FlyMiPPG offers students New, Reliable, Safe Equipment throughout your Training, Take advantage of this, I wish I was offered this opportunity. I would have not made the same motor choice. We find more then 70% of the students that purchase gear before they fly, would not not make the purchase choice. 
#6 Shop Price vs Shopping Value.

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