Earn your wings with us

Set yourself free flying a Powered Paraglider

Think back to those childhood dreams of flying like a bird, soaring over your favorite places and imagine that today you could be there in your very own Powered Paraglider!

Come learn with us today and make those dreams a reality with FlyMIPPG!


discover freedom





If your interested in the experience of running into the sky like something from a Greek Myth and would like to have the sense of flying on your own with the help of one of our instructors, the best way to start is with an instructional tandem flight! 

Please contact FlyMI to speak with one of our instructors about what this flight will entail, they're so much fun!


Our Services

- USPPA Syllabus 

- Latest Equipment 

- Onsite Housing

- Ground School

- Towing

- Tandems

- 3 Full time Instructors

Opening Hours (Seasonal)

Mon - Sat: 7am - 5pm

Sun: 7am - 12pm

Contact Us

Mike Cotter (248) 520-8889

Justin Fox (269) 216-1934

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Fly Michigan Powered Paragliding 2020